AMP Expenditure

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ITAT Judgement On Transfer Pricing Of Cross Border AMP Expenditure

The transfer pricing adjustment is not expected to be made by deducing from the difference between the ‘excessive’ AMP expenditure incurred by the Assessee and the AMP expenditure of a comparable entity that an international transaction exists and then proceeding to make the adjustment of the difference in order to determine the value of such AMP expenditure incurred for the AE

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ALP adjustment Of AMP Expenditure On Bright Line Test Is Not Permissible

The TPO, while framing the order u/s 92CA(3) of the Act, was well aware with the decision of the Hon’ble jurisdictional High Court of Delhi in the case of Sony Ericcson Mobile Communication India Pvt Ltd reported at 276 CTR 97, and therefore, it cannot be said that the TPO was not aware that the Bright Line test has been discarded by the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi